Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Everybody's talkin' 'bout mmmmm pop music!

When I say that I'm a music lover, I mean it. I love all types of music, and yes that includes the  sometimes over-processed and overplayed pop tunes.

Besides having an unhealthy love for ABBA, pop is another guilty pleasure of mine.

Here are a few pop picks for the week:

Pitt Bull ft. Neyo - Give Me Everything  ~ Seriously? I looooove Neyo. Love him. Fun song. Don't judge.

Lady Gaga - Born This Way ~ The more I learn about Lady Gaga and her story, the more I like her. Can you believe that this video is over 7 minutes long? It's super weird, but now you can see why the gay boys love her. For the love of Gad, she starts the music video with a shot of a unicorn!!! Either way, great song.

Far East Movement ft Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer ~ Cause it's an awesome song and you know it.

Katy Perry - Firework  ~ Don't judge me! I can feel you judging...     

And now, and oldie but a goodie. Is this pop? Yeah. Kinda. I have no idea why, but the Zoobilee Zoo! theme song and THIS particular tune have been in my head this week. Don't ask me why. Take a listen and just try to NOT sing along! Oh George Harrison... You... Are... Awesome!



Sweet Sounds

I came across this tiny speaker in Urban Outfitters, and I was sold!                                

You can recharge it with your computer and it hooks up to play your tunes on most MP3 players (AKA: My iPhone, iPod and Shuffle). 

Only about $20!!! Don't get me wrong, it's no Bose, but the sound quality is better than I thought it'd be, and it's perfect for a day at the beach/park, and stuff like that.

You can't tell me it's not completely adorable! Oh, and yes, it comes with the toque (2 actually!).



Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Music Download!

A wicked, chill band called The Head and The Heart wants to give you some free tunes.

It's Monday, and free is good, yes?                      

Check it out here.

Wide Mouth Mason ~ New Schtuff!

I ran into  Shaun Verreault and his gorgeous wife on Granville street the other day. I've been lucky enough to get to know these two through work and there's nothing more awesome that meeting a talented performer who is not only super cool, but also super approachable. I had the chance to hang out with Shaun (and his hottie Mrs.) at the listening party for the new Wide Mouth Mason (WWM) album called 'No Bad Days'. WWM has added the ridiculously talented Gordie Johnson (from Big Sugar) to their musical team. The result? It's a dirty, sexy rock sound interlaced with Gordie's raw bass style and Shauns high and pure vocals. You know what? Me likey. For the story behind the music and a teeny tiny sample of tunage from the upcoming album (due out on July 12th) check out the video below.



Gross Encounters ~ Confessions of a Germaphobe

Confessions of a germaphobe.

There's nothing worse than stepping into the shower of your hotel room and coming face to face with... a little black curly hair, stuck to the shower wall. I can guarantee that it's not mine. It's like, how does this little black curly hair stick so well? It's like it's hanging on to the shower wall with tiny claws. I throw water at it. It doesn't move. I throw more water. Nothing. MORE water. Nada. How does it even get stuck so high on the wall? Did Chewbacca come in and whip off his pants and boom! An explosion of pendejos (= pubic hair, in Spanish) explode out into the atmosphere and with some strange, intergalactic mucous, stick to the wall? Gross.   What makes this entire situation extra disgusting is the fact that you KNOW where that hair came from, and you KNOW that it's not yours. All you can hope is that a tall, cherub like, innocent child with a mass of curly black hair was in the hotel room before it was yours. One can only hope.

The following gross encounter took place some time between 10:30pm and 11:30pm

Me: What are YOU doing here?

Pendejo: What are YOU doing here?

Me: I BELONG here.  

Pendejo: So do I.

Me: I've paid for this hotel room. You're not supposed to be here.
                                                                     Pendejo: I can go wherever I want to.

Me: You disgust me. Get out.

Pendejo: MAKE ME!

**Awkward and intense moment of silence and extreme stink eye takes place**

Me: I can't even bring myself to touch you. *gag*

Pendejo: Hahahahahaha!!!

Me: You're lucky this shower doesn't have a detachable shower head, or you'd be history.

Pendejo: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Me: You win this time Pendejo. THIS TIME.

**I awkwardly attempt to shower at the opposite end of the tub, giving the Pendejo the worst cut eye I can**

Needless to say, the hotel cleaning lady got an earful the next day.
And for some reason, every time I think of this situation, that song that Phoebe sang on friends always comes to mind. You know, the one that goes 'I found you laying next to me. How did you get there? To me you're such a mystery, little black curly hair'.

Either way, this gal wore her flip flops in the hotel room, AND in the shower.

Another useless random fact: The remote control in your hotel room is the dirtiest thing in that room (aside from the door handle). Can you imagine running those special blue lights, you know the one that can show any and all human excretions, along a hotel remote? It would most likely glow like a ravers wristband. Ew. I actually put a clear plastic bag over my remote.

And now you know... and knowing is half the battle.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missed my flight. FACK!!!!

Those who know me well, know that I can sometimes be *ahem* fashionably late. I blame it on my Chilean heritage. Chileans are almost ALWAYS late. No joke. But today? No, I was NOT late. I was about an hour early for a domestic flight (leaving Calgary and heading back to Vancouver).

I went through security and I was pulled aside and told that Latinas weren't welcome... just kidding! I was told that I had too many liquid products and that they had to all fit in one bag. I had two... but Vancouver airport security didn't have a problem! Calgary... not so much. I was told that I had to toss some things or check my baggage with the airline. At this point, my flight had begun to board. With a trembling lower lip, I went through by bags of products and threw away a pricey facial cleanser, discontinued tube of toothpaste that I LOVE (yup. Nerd), and a tiny bottle of rose water. I'm a beauty junkie, so this was like cutting off a finger (dramatic, but true).

By the time I got back in the line up, I had about another 15 people in front of me. As I got near the front, (one person away actually!) an entire Lufthansa Airline Crew politely said 'excuse me' and cut in front. 6 more people! Since the crew are in and out of the airport regularly, they began to chat with security. I wanted to punch each and every one of them in the throat. In my mind, I think I told them to 'shut the f*ck up and move your f*cking ass' about 100 times. Sadly, the crew took their sweet time and  15 minutes later, they were finally past security. In my mind I was screaming, but my face was as calm as can be.  I've always had super expressive eyes that, despite my facial expression, always give my true feelings away. A security guard looked at me and immediately said 'what's wrong'? I began blubbering 'I'm about to miss my flight and now I'm starting to freak out'!!!!!!... So the guy was kind enough to rush me through (muchas gracias... whoever you are!).

I ran to my gate, just in time to see my plane leave. Now, I sit here.... waiting another 3 hours for my next flight back home to Vancouver. I've never missed a flight before, so this was a scary experience for me.When I called my brother-in-law (Dave) to let him know that I'd be arriving late, he was NOT sympathetic to my frustration/ situation. He was all 'crews ALWAYS have priority in security'. Dave, is a pilot. You know what Dave? Shut your pie hole.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm finished whining now. Thanks for letting me bitch.

Back to surfing my latest addiction ( while I wait... and wait... and wait...



Monday, June 20, 2011

Foo Fighters Hot Dog

Yup. You've read correctly. Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters has his very own hot dog, created by a local hot dog company called Dougie Dog.  Check it out!


I ended up going with the Coney Island hot dog, with homemade chili, sauteed onions, and an offensive amount of ketchup... just the way I like it! :P

Oh! And I also had the chance to try their butterscotch root beer. Holy crap! TO - DIE - FOR! I'm not a fan of pop, but root beet is my weakness. Go try one and tell me what you think.




On Homer street, just off Cordova, my sister and I came across this sign....

Really? So we walk in and....

Buttons, buttons and MORE buttons! This tiny store carries buttons from all over the world. Yes, both Valeskca and I walked out with purchases of... yup! Buttons. Can't wait to learn to sew so I can actually use them. A bit premature on my part? Yup.
Either way, check out this store. Too cool, and I guarantee that you'll walk out with at least ONE button ;).



Songs of The Week!!!!

Better late than never, right?

It's been a while, so here are a few of my favourite Songs Of The Week.

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs
If David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust went all 'hipster' on us, you'd get Diamond Rings (AKA: John O'Regan). This dude is from Toronto and I've been lucky enough to see him live twice. WICKED in concert and a MUST SEE! It's 80's music, appropriately revived. PLUS, this guy has major bolas! He performs by himself with his keyboard, dancing up a storm on stage (just like in the video I posted for ya) and sometimes whipping off his shirt and flaunting his skinny, lanky frame. If you're into that sort of thing, enjoy! Either way, catchy tune with adorable lyrics. Check out his album Special Affections. Lately, he's been touring, opening up for Robyn.

SIA - Be Good To Me
I love Sia. Love her. LOVE!!!! She's one of my absolute favourite artists... ever. Love her voice. Love her lyrics. Love her music. Love her uber weird personality. Check out ALL her music. It's amazing.
I caught the first 20 minutes of her show here in Vancouver, before she was rushed off stage for heat exhaustion. Still waiting to see/hear her live again. Her voice is literally ANGELIC.
I follow her on twitter and I've gotta say, she's... weird.... and interesting! I love her twitter bio " I am sia, i was born from the bumhole of a unicorn named steve".  Enough said.
Another amazing song by Sia is 'Soon We'll Found'

Quantic & Nickodemus - Mi Swing Es Tropical
Every time this song comes on my stereo, people ask me who it is. Well now you know. This song was made famous by being featured in an iPod commercial a few years ago. Wicked tune. Perfect for the summer (riding your bike, walking, driving, etc). Every time I hear it, I have to stop myself from dancing (not a good idea to do while in the check out line at Safeway). The music video quality is crap, but it's all about the tune, si?

Violent Femmes - Add it Up
How can you not love these guys? Everyone knows 'Blister in the Sun', but I think this is their best tune.

Missy Elliott - The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)
I've been a huge fan of Missy Elliott since I saw this music video, a looooong time ago. She and Timbaland are an unstoppable team (in my humble opinion). So Missy got all skinny, had some huge musical success and then disappeared. Where are you Missy? We miss you.




The REAL Vancouver

Are you watching this CNN and all you other international news outlets??? Despite your usual 'if it bleeds, it leads' motto, why not cover something good? This is the REAL Vancouver



Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've never understood the point of rioting. Seriously. Check out this link HERE to watch footage of downtown Vancouver (June 15th, 2011).


More PATHETIC footage HERE.

Would a TRUE Vancouver Canucks fan trash their beloved city, just because their team lost? Would they flip over cars, light them on fire and burn their jerseys? Jump on police cars? Smash store windows, and help their city become the laughing stock of the NHL? Even CNN is shocked at what's happening right now.

NO! Real fans feel shitty about their team losing, but are proud of the fact that they've managed to get so far in the series. They hang their heads low, but look forward to a better series next year.

**UPDATE** Cops now using TEAR GAS & PEPPER SPRAY to control the rioters. Police K-9 unit being brought in as well. Looting has begun on Granville street and in the Bay downtown. What a joke!

Whatever happened to 'Keeping it Classy'????????                 



**ANOTHER UPDATE ** - Canucks NON-FANS just attacked a guy wearing a Bruins Jersey. Seriously? WTF!!!

Vancouver scalpers SHOW NO MERCY!!!!

Outside Rogers Arena early today. It was packed and people were going NUTS!!! Here's a quick look. Note the shameless scalper....


Went to Capers on 4rth to pick up some lunch. Even the bakers at Capers have Canucks fever!

Heading downtown now. Hope I make it back in one piece!



Time to kick it up a notch Green Men!

I can't believe that this video has had over 88,000 views! It was shot last year. The green men were SUPER cool :).

Let's hope that today, they have they game (face?) on. No mercy!!!! See you all downtown tonight!

Watch the Green Men freak me out HERE!




Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Easy way to instantly kill your social life.

You couldn't pay me enough money to drive this car.
Hope the driver was a dude! LOL!!!

 Saw this on Broadway today. Awesome.

Oh those witty gardening company names! 'Pimp my Garden' is a close second. I always see the sign for "Pimp..." in a garden on Cornwall by Arbutus.   



Monday, June 13, 2011

CANUCKS - Free Tune

Now while I'm not the biggest Canucks fan, I still believe with all my heart that the cup belongs here in CANADA!!!!

Today is a HUGE game. I'm putting out good vibes for the Canuckleheads. I might even watch the game due to the fact that every time I do, the Canucks win.

Local musician and overall AWESOME dude Bodhi Jones wrote a wicked 'Nucks song, which you download HERE for free (or by donation, after all, he's a struggling musician! Help a brutha out!). You have just ONE WEEK left to download the tune, before it's gone. GET ON IT!!!!

Over the weekend, I had a chance to hear Bodhi sing the tune, first hand. Wanna take a listen? Here it is!





Douche Maneuver

I've been known to have a bit of road rage every once in a while. Ok. Maybe a little more often than that.
But listen to this...

I was driving down 12th ave yesterday, heading out of town. There was this navy blue VW Jetta that cut me off, then decided to slow down. I threw my hands up in the air, in frustration. That's it. No swearing, honking, etc.

So I see the guy in the VW mimic me and throw his hands up in the air. Next thing I know, he throws some sort of food (an apple core?) at my car. I was all WTF!!! I immediately take down his license plate and pull out into the lane next to him, just in case he decides to throw something else at me.

I rolled down my window and yelled at him 'I can't believe you threw something at me! I'm reporting you to the cops'!!! Dude just laughed and then yelled at me 'it's biodegradable'!


About five minutes later, dude drives past me and gives me the finger.

So yes, I actually have the guy's license plate, but I didn't end up doing anything with it. A part of me wants to report him to the police, who probably wouldn't do anything about it anyways. Another part of me says I should just let it go.

If you were in my position, and someone threw something at your car in a fit of rage, what would you do????



Friday, June 10, 2011

Wanna come out and Party???

I want you to come out and party with me... and Bodhi Jones, Behind Sapphire, Nadia Von Hahn & Sweetheart. And hey! Why not win your piece of over $1000 worth prizes too? And while you're having fun and winning stuff, you'll be helping to change a man's life for the better.

You in? SI!!!!!

Check out the video below:


AndrewPalooza info :

AndrewPalooza facebook schtuff:

Info about AMAZING ANDREW and what we're raising $$$ for :

I want to see you there!



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Airborne Toxic Event Show, And Other Schtuff

Last night, my friend KT & I checked out the Airborne Toxic event show at the Commodore.
Overall? It was AWESOME! I've been a huge fan of the band since their debut self titled album. Mikel Jollet (lead singer) was awesome (despite James Sutton insisting that he 'talk sings'. Ok, maybe it's true, but I still adore the group).

Besides running into some amazing people (Dale, Chris, Theresa, James, David) the night was a 10! Mikel Jollet and the band were SUPER into the show. The crowd was eating it up, and Mikel took to walking and singing in audience, not once, but a few times! After the encore, the band didn't want to leave the stage. I know I've been kinda hard on Vancouver concert crowds sometimes, but this crowd was A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

On a side note, I have a lot of respect for Mikel Jollet. I admire the fact that he's been very open about his struggle with Alopecia Areata and Vitiligo. Alopecia can cause you to lose your hair in patches and is usually triggered by stress. 

Vitiligo, on the other hand, is a skin depigmentation, where you develop white blotches. This can occur on any random part of your body, or it can cover your ENTIRE body and yes, they can grow and spread to new areas of your body. My mom suffers from a severe case of Vitiligo. It's always been a struggle for me to deal with people staring at her in a weird way, and sometimes even whispering. I've gotta be honest, I'm Latina, so I've told a few people off a few times (when I was young, of course) but as I grew older, my mother taught me to have patience and tolerance, and above all, to keep my cool.

I like the fact that someone like Mikel Jollet is open, honest and vocal about this incredibly rare skin disorder. So far, there is no real cure, but NO, it is NOT contagious. 

Next time you see someone with Vitiligo, walking along, please avoid staring and gawking. It not only hurts the person, but also, the people who love them.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Love Vancouver...

Today, I checked out the 'Love Vancouver, Love your Planet ' Festival.  Love Vancouver, Love Your Planet coincides with UN World Environment Day and kicks off Canadian Environment Week (yup, that's this week, so tune up your bikes and leave your car at home, or just take a nice long walk.) 

The festival celebrates and encourages Vancouverites to build a more sustainable future for the city, by bringing communities together to share ideas and celebrate innovations. There was an eco-fair, art installations, musicians, food stalls, and activities for the family. It was only the first year of this event, so needless to say, there wasn't a whole lot to see and do, but give it a few years and this event will grow to be awesome. To be perfectly honest, I was more excited about being able to check out the Athletes Village for the very first time. Nice place!


The highlight of my day though, was picking up my brand new pair of Native shoes. Every time I wear a pair of my Natives, people stop and ask me about my shoes. What makes them so cool??? Well, these sneaks are made of this super light weight EVA-foam-injected material. They're uber durable (I tend to trip a lot and can be a little extra rough on my shoes), antimicrobial and odour resistant. Yes, your feet WILL sweat a bit, but they won't ever stink. Yay!... and ew. 

Basically, these sneaks are like crocks, but waaaaaaay cooler. Think of a lightweight pair of chucks...
And now you know!            

You can pick these up at El Kartel on Granville and Homewerx on Davie. OR, check out their site :)

To add to these shoes' coolness, they're also designed right here in VANCOUVER and have received some major love from 'The Oprah'. Pick up a pair before they become ridiculously trendy and EVERYONE and their dog has a pair.