The Day Before The Big Day....

by Carmen Cruz

It's February 11th. Just one measly little day until all of Vancouver EXPLODES with Olympic mayhem. Am I excited about it? Honestly? I wasn't until today. Walking downtown, it's hard NOT to catch Olympic fever. The city is buzzing with excitement. There are foreigners everywhere, looking confused and asking for directions in grunts and broken English. Art sculptures have appeared in the most random of places. People seem friendlier. You know what? I like this...

Yes, the Olympics are expensive. Yes, it's not always accessible for the 'Average Joe'... but you know what? I'm determined to search out and uncover all the free and fun stuff this city has to offer. I've made it my mission to turn February into 'Free, Fun February!!!!' Thanks to my gig over at 100.5 The PEAK, I get to share all of my adventures with you :D.

Ok, ok.... so having a media pass of some sort might make things easier for me. Then again, it might not. You see, it's all about credentials, and amigos/amigas, just like most of you, I don't have em'.

So here's day one. Robson Square. There's so much to see and do here. And don't forget to wander into any and all stores along the street, because you never know what they have going on right now. Also, The Ziptrek Zipline is an absolute MUST!!! And more importantly it's free :D.



Carmen Cruz
100.5 The PEAK