Holland House Saturday Mayhem!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Friends and I decided to enjoy the last Olympic weekend (or Saturday at least) at Holland Heineken House in Richmond. WOW! It was pretty insane. Those Dutch know how to party! The highlights include:

~$4.50 beer (yeah, I couldn't believe it either! The best part for me was seeing the bartenders look of disgust when I'd ask for Orange Crush to be mixed in with my beer. It's a Chilean thing. Try it sometime. )
~ The crazy Dutch techno music the DJ would play
~ The cover band ('The Coronas') who had a singer that pretended to play the bass guitar...on a ski pole.
~ The 'Kroket' sandwiches. Mmmmmmmmm...
~ Fries with mayo and ketchup (we ate healthy there)
~ The guy dancing on stage in a giant torch (?) suit.

See the video montage. It pretty much explains it all....

Overall, it was an absolute BLAST there!



p.s: My first time taking the night bus from Richmond. Had a guy sleeping in front of me who went crazy when he woke up and a woman next to me barfing in the back. Can you say TRAUMATIZED?!?!?!?!