Carmen Cruz vs. Carmen Cruz?!?!?!

by Carmen Cruz

Yes. I'm totally aware of this. I've spent years being teased about this important fact. I've taken it all in stride...

I'm not the only Carmen Cruz out there. Some of you may know this and some may not. Sure there might be a Carmen Cruz who's a stay at home mom somewhere in the U.S.A, or a real estate agent in Uruguay. There might even be a 'Carmen Cruz' working in a laboratory somewhere, analyzing blood and urine samples. Who knows?! But no. I share my name with someone much more notable than that.

Carmen Cruz is also one of the most famous transsexual porn stars in the world. Lucky me. I'm not trying to insult Carmen #2. In fact, I commend and respect her. A super hot chick with a killer bod, junk in the trunk and.. a shlong. I know that the random public will look at a transsexual and laugh, point or worse, yell out horrible comments. Do you know that balls (no pun intended!) it takes to say to yourself, 'you know what? Despite being born in the body of a man, I feel and know that I am a woman. This is me' (or vice versa). That takes some serious courage, strength and the ability to really & TRULY know who you are. Not many people out there will ever reach that level of self awareness or even try to. Seriously.
AND Carmen #2 makes adult films. She does her thang in erotic movies. Ok. I'm totally cool with that. BUT - people thinking that I'm her (at times) can be a little more than frustrating. Yes, people have actually thought that little ol' me has a porn gig on the side... and a penis.

Even though I commend Carmen #2 for all she does, I am my very own Carmen and I'm incredibly proud of that.

So where am I going with all this? I've decided to try to contact Carmen #2 and interview her (over the phone). Why? Cause I wanna. I want to know what she's like and what she thinks of the fact that we have the same name, share a Latin background and yes, even what music she likes (hey! I work in radio! It's kinda mandatory). I'm sure she doesn't have the bam-chika-wa-wa porn style guitar music playing on her iPod while she's hitting the treadmill, right? My goal is to track her down and have a chat that I'll eventually be posting on my blog and you might even hear it on 100.5 The PEAK (my job). So how hard it is (hard. HA!) to get a hold of an uber famous porn star? I'm about to find out.

Wish me luck!!!



P.S: For the record, I DO NOT have a penis. That is all...