Canucks Craze

by Carmen Cruz

I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't like hockey. I'm a straight up soccer (futbol) fan. What can I say? I'm Latina and it's in my blood. Hockey? Not so much.

Now I know I'm going to get some hate for this, but it's gotta be said. Vancouver Canucks fans are fickle. If you're a 'hardcore Canucks fan', please disregard what I'm about to say because it does NOT apply to you.

To the rest, and you know who you are, what's the deal? People are always giving me shit for not jumping on the Canucks bandwagon. I'm not a bandwagon-jumper, you know what I mean? Yeah, I've lived in Vancouver for almost 4 years now, but I'm originally from Edmonton and if there's anyone I'll be cheering for, it's the Oilers (WIN OR LOSE). Canucks fans wrinkle their noses at me when I say this. As a joke I tell them, 'You know what? I should develop special sneakers with springs on the bottom of them to make band wagon jumping for Canucks fans MUCH easier (and safer for the ankles)".

Hockey fans for almost every other NHL team, are die-hards. They'll either sink or swim with their team. Canuck fans (*again, this is not directed towards the few hardcore Canuckleheads I know*) are so quick to turn their back on their team after a few crappy games. Fickle I tell ya. F-I-C-K-L-E.

So please, if you see me walking down the street, don't ask me where I'll be watching the next Canucks game, because I won't be watching it. I'll be watching some sweeeet HBO, or a movie, cooking show, or even reading a book instead. Don't hate the player, hate the game, or better yet, hate those bandwagon jumpers ;D.

On a side note, the Canucks green men are once again getting some well deserved international attention. I had a chance to meet/ interview them in the past. Cool guys. When they found out that I didn't like hockey, and disliked the Canucks even more, they decided to give me a 'penalty', green-men-style of course. I made this video last year and ever since the playoffs, it's been getting tons of views on a daily basis.  You cannot imagine the weird, crazy, funny and disturbing comments I've been getting on it. BUT, in defense of Vancouver and yes, even the Canuck fans, I've been deleting the NASTY hate comments.  FYI: NO, the guys DO NOT have a boner and NO I was not looking at their crotch the whole time. I'm a lady dammit! A freaking lady...