Some Vancouver Lovin' (Non-Canucks Related).

by Carmen Cruz

So I figure that since I'm one of the few people in this city NOT cheering for the Canucks, I can still extend Vancouver some lovin' by making this weeks 'Songs of the Week' vancouver-based (or BC-based) bands/singers only. Are you ready?

Mother Mother - In Your Arms Tonight. (So I know that they have a wicked new album called Eureka!, but this tune is from their older album. I'm still loving it.)

Hannah Georgas - The Beat Stuff. (This is the very first song I had a chance to hear from this UBER talented gal.  She was the opening act for Jeremy Fisher and they were playing in a church in Kitsilano - the name escapes me. I bought her EP right after the show, and have loved her music ever since.)

Said The Whale - The Light Is You. (Have you ever had a song that just made you feel happy EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HEARD IT?  I love this song so much that I made it my customized ring tone for my sister. Very time she calls, I let the phone ring and ring so I can hear the song, causing me to miss her call almost every time. I can't tell you how much this annoys her. In a way, I feel as though this song belongs to me. Could it be because I forced the band to dedicate it to me (while chatting backstage) when they were playing at the Peak Performance Project (PPP) finale? Maybe. I wish this song was longer. Amazing music from genuinely awesome people. Enjoy!)
Oh! And they've won a Juno this year so now they're OFFICIALLY a big deal. :D  

Bodhi Jones - In A Minute. (From a happy song, to a heart breaking one. Bodhi is from Salt Spring Island and, in my humble opinion, has a very old soul. He's a well known busker here in Vancouver, and here's a song he wrote while in the PPP competition. He's got a haunting and sometimes heart wrenching voice. A talented guy who is an amazing songwriter. Oh Bodhi... stop writing songs that make me cry. Then again... please don't... Here's another great song from Bodhi. It's called 'The Sky Is Falling'.)    

We Are The City - Happy New Year. (A talented bunch of kids from Kelowna. Honestly? Their star is just STARTING to take off. As cliche as it sounds, keep an eye on these guys. They're gonna be very big, very soon. P.S: I have an incriminating pic of Andrew, the drummer. Should I put it up??? Only if Andrew never reads this...)

TV Heart Attack -  AO   (This is a catchy tune from a great rock group from Van. I've had the chance to see them live quite a few times and these guys are the perfect combination of singers & performers. You wanna see some rockers with the eyeliner and attitude with a wicked voice/sound to match? Check them out whenever you can. You won't be disappointed.) On a side note, I've had many a personal chat with lead singer Jason, so it always makes me laugh to see him go all 'rocker'. How can such a sweet guy be so bad ass on stage? ;)

LimbLifter - Tinfoil. (Funny story. So as a young teenager in Edmonton, I used to be obsessed with Age Of Electric. I went to see them perform live many, many times in E-town. One night during a show, the lead singer bent over the crowd and gave me his guitar pick. I like wanted to like die!!!! Like, Ohhhh my Gad!!! (as said by a teenage Carmen Cruz).
Then, When A of E broke up, The Dahle brothers went on to form Limblifter, yet another band I became obsessed with. So years later, when I was working at The PEAK here in Vancouver, I had the chance to meet Senor Ryan Dahle in person. Finally! And each time I met the guy, I was totally star struck. Last time I saw him was at Joe's Apartment on Granville street. It was after a massive radio station party and I had already had a couple of *ahem* adult beverages. (Note: I'm a total light weight. I rarely drink, just 2 beers can hit this prairie gal pretty hard. Sad, but true). Ryan and I were chatting and I was blubbering like a fool, telling him how much I admired him and I basically listed out his whole discography, right up to his new solo schtuff. The guy ended up buying me a beer and we continued to chat. I believe that at one point, I may or may not have started to sing his new tune to him, 'Chop, Chop'. After that I wandered away, feeling like a nerd. Ugh. Sometimes, I can be way to socially awkward. Sorry Ryan, and thanks for the sweeeeet LP!!!! Sorry we never got a chance to chat at the station chico :(.

Enough local lovin'? I thought so.