The Enchanted Forest and Revelstoke

by Carmen Cruz

The highlight of my stop in Kamloops was this liquor store. Is it named after 42% of the young gold-digging ladies in Yaletown??? Perhaps... tee hee! ;D

So the Enchanted Forest, you ask? Yup. Check it out.

Salmon Arm was beautiful, so was the Shushwap, as a whole. I noticed that it's a great place to retire, seeing how the roads were filled with seniors. If you're looking for sexy seniors (and who isn't????) this is the place to go (ha ha!). I hit Revelstoke hours later. Nice, friendly place. I almost cried with joy when I saw a sushi place but to my dismay, at 3:30pm, it was closed. Kill me now. Ah well. Instead, I had fish sculptures to look at. Revelstoke, why must you tease me?

Stopped at a gorgeous cafe in Revelstoke instead. It was in a little old house. Amazing food!

I got stuck in Golden for almost an hour due to highway construction (yay) and almost fell asleep in my car, waiting to pass those construction. A special thank you goes to the truck behind me that woke me up and almost made me swallow my tongue out of sheer fear.

And FINALLY, after 12 hours of driving, I arrived in Calgary!!!! Now, off to sleep.