Well Wishes...

by Carmen Cruz

Now while I'm not a fan of pushing any type of religious or political agenda, I want to take a minute to wish NDP leader Jack Layton hugs and health. He's already struggling with prostate cancer and was recently diagnosed with a new type of cancer. He looks so weak and frail, and having seen a family member of mine battle and lose their life to cancer, I can understand what Layton's family must be going through. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw him... all those sad and stressful feelings rushing back to me. It's that gaunt, hollow look, making you a shell of who you used to be. It's heart breaking. Jack says that he's a fighter and is determined to be back to business when parliament starts up again on September 19th.

Even though you'll probably never read this Mr. Layton all I can say is this; Rest. Focus on yourself. This is the only life you've got. Screw the politics. It's time for the REAL fighting and healing to begin... on a truly personal level.
Even though you're not in the rat race, many of us Canadians have still got your back.