Old People vs. Technology: A Hilarious, Yet Never Ending Battle.

by Carmen Cruz

Most of us have been there - On the phone, chatting with you parent or grandparent, trying to explain how to add an attachment to an email or how to copy and paste an email address into a browser.

My mom calls me on a regular basis, asking me to help her figure out these simple computer tasks. What should usually be a 5 minute lesson turns into a 30 minute explanation. I know my mom is super appreciative and thanks me for my patience, but honestly, it drives me NUTS! I believe that old people and technology are both hilarious to watch and a pain in the ass to deal with.

Another example - My dad. He got a new iPhone 4 and I made the mistake of trying to teach him how to send me texts. The other day, my dad was giving me hell for not texting him back. I hadn't received a single one!!! After what seemed like an hour of debating and reviewing how to use the iPhone 4, we figured out that my dad wasn't pressing 'SEND' after typing out his texts. Keep in mind, this entire converstaion is happening over the phone.

Here's a little tip for you. If you're ever feeling down or depressed, lend your iPhone/Blackberry to an elderly person and ask them to dial a phone number for you. Prepare for a whole bunch of squinting, eye brow furrowing, and holding said phone at arms length while staring at it completely bewildered. Haaaa Haaaa!

I can laugh at it all now, but truth be told, in about 35 years, I'll most likely be that squinting senior. Dang it.

Either way,enjoy the very fitting video below. ;D!!!!