Worst Dressed Cities In the World...

by Carmen Cruz

Found this online. List of the worst dressed cities in theworld. Interesting.                                                                         

10 ~ Jersey Shore (goes without saying!)

9~ Pittsburgh (Sports wear. EVERYWHERE).

8~ Ottawa (Really?)

7~ San Fransisco & Silicon Valley (I guess this area has the biggest concentration of nerds. I think nerds are sexy, so I disagree with this).                                                          

6~ Seattle (Grunge. Flannel.)

5~ Boston (Khaki's with pleats and boatshoes with socks. A common offense).

4~ Harajuku, Japan (Thanks Gwen Stephani. Thanks a lot.)

3~ Vancouver (MSN said this. Not me! Because of Vancouver, Yoga pants are being worn everywhere - even by women who SHOULDN'T be wearing them.)  

2~ Maui (Hawaiian shirts. Nuff' said.)

1~ Orlando (Yeah, I was shocked by this one too. Why? Overweight tourists, GAP t-shirts and denim shorts, and that damn disney apparel).

I'm not too sure if I agree with this list. Any cities you feel should have been on it?