Apple Tribute - Why did this make me feel weird???

by Carmen Cruz

I've been visiting the familia here in Edmonton for the past week, and yesterday I got the news that Steve Jobs passed away. The whole world seems to be kinda shocked, and I get it. The dude was a BIG DEAL.
I went to an apple store today to switch my mom's broken iPod (See below. A limited edition U2 iPod. Old school but AWESOME!) for the replacement Apple was giving her.

 Bye bye U2 iPod :(

Once we switched out the iPod, we headed out of the store and this is what we saw. I don't know why, but it made me feel a tad bit uncomfortable. Thoughts??? Are there more of these tributes at other Apple stores???

I like the little apple with the penny though :)

Either way, it's the end of an area and a reminder that cancer doesn't give a rats ass if you're rich or poor. Damn you cancer!!!!