Eddie Vedder and Shakira Impersonators. WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

by Carmen Cruz

My brother showed me these videos. This is from a Chilean show called 'Mi Nombre Es' (translation: My name is).  Basically, people who believe they sound like famous singers show their talent.
This dude claims to sound like Eddie Vedder. It will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!  The video of this guy singing is compared along side to the actual video of Senor Vedder himself. AMAZING!!!

What makes this even MORE amazing is that this guy doesn't speak a word of English! Believe it!!!

Check out Chris Cornell's reaction to this dude!

This one totally weirded me out. This guy calls himself 'Shakiro'. He sounds EXACTLY like... yup! Shakira!!! Do me a favour and close your eyes when you watch the video the first time.

So 'Shakiro' had a chance to meet the actual Shakira. Check it out!