I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Hello you sexy, loyal readers in internet land (aka: mom and dad)!!!

So I'm finally back in Vancouver and let me tell ya, it feels goooOOOOooood!
I didn't realize how much I missed Van. The mountains, the people, the salty sea air, the streets, the hidden shops, the ocean and yes, even the rain. I guess it took moving to Calgary to realize how much I loved this place. It's one of those cases where you just don't appreciate what you've got, when you've got it. It certainly brings to light the saying, 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone'... ya know what I mean? (Thanks Joni Mitchell, Cinderella and Janet Jackson).

Lately, my biggest hurdle has been trying to find a reasonably priced place to live that will accept my little Maslow. He's such a sweet, quiet dog (I know EVERYONE says that about their pets, but in my case, it's true. I swear to GAD! If you were to meet him, you'd understand. Anywho, I'm not gonna start rambling about my dog because 1) I don't wanna be one of those weird people who go on and on about their pets, when no one really gives a rats ass and 2).... I lost my train of thought. Was watching Maz play with my sock. Moving on).

Long story short, if you hear of a place in the Kitsilano /Point Grey/ Dunbar/ Kerrisdale/ False Creek/ Main street area that's renting a nice, clean, bright and quiet one bedroom suite that will accept my pooch, please let me know. Oh, and a pool /cabana boy on site would be nice too. What? Am I asking for too much? Nah....

So what's the point of my entry today? Well yeah, it's to put it out there than I'm looking for a place to call home, but it's also to remind you that you should take the time to appreciate where you are/ where you live/ who's by your side. Mushy, I know, but a very true fact that we all take for granted. Wherever you are right now, please stop. Look around and take it all in... and love it.

Now back to Craigslist and the classified ads. My search continues.

Dear Gad/ Allah/ Buddah/ Lucky Troll Doll /Bejesus and anyone else I've missed, please help me find a new home soon. I've got my fingers, toes, and even my eyes crossed. Sexy.



p.s: I just noticed that I use waaaaaaay too many exclamation points when I write. Seriously! It's ridiculous! I'm like the 'Elaine' of the writing world. Yup. That was a sweet little Seinfeld reference for ya. Am I really THAT excited when I write? Perhaps. So let me get it all out now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!   !!   !!!!! And just one more.... ! ;D