My (FAILED) Call Of Duty.

by Carmen Cruz

Video games have truly come a long way. I remember that as a kid, I was all about the Super Nintendo (Mario Kart & Super Mario World 3, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat were my favourites!). I even managed to finish the game of Tetris on my little brothers 'Gameboy'. Yes, I AM a Tetris Master ;D.
Nowadays, video games are so much more intense. I was at a friends place the other day and he convinced me to play Call Of Duty (I have no idea which one). I was B-R-U-T-A-L!!!! For some reason, I get extremely nervous when I play these 'shoot-em-up' games (yeah, I call them 'shoot-em-up games'. I'm sure a few gamers out there are inexplicably having mild seizures right now. My bad).

 Here's the scenario: It's dark, I'm hiding behind a corner, then suddenly, something comes outta nowhere and BAM! I'm dead. Honestly, my anxiety goes THROUGH THE ROOF when I'm playing these games! At one point, I think I might have ALMOST swallowed my tongue.  Oh, and I found out the hard way that the strictly running and hiding method STILL gets you killed. Fail.
I'm thinking I'll stick to my favourite game of ALL TIME right now. ROCK BAND!!!! Oh how I loooove playing the drums. If you ever decide to have a rock band night and need a drummer, I'm you're gal. Seriously. No, seriously. I've got some MAD drumming skillz (you know those skills are for real when it's spelled skillZ).

On a side note, it always surprises me how much money gaming companies spend on publicity. I came across this video the other day. The highlight of it? Sam Worthington = Sexy. Is anyone else besides me seriously creeped out by the skinny Jonah Hill?

Aaaaand I'm spent!