Songs of The Week!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Here's a few songs I have on repeat right now.

Queens Of The Stone Age ~ Go With The Flow - Oh how this song reminds me of the game 'Rock Band'!!!!

A former colleague in Calgary was telling me how a friend of hers had boinked Josh Homme when he came through Cow Town a couple of months ago. The dude is married and has a couple of kids. Douche!!! My crush on the 'Ginger Elvis' has died. Last I heard, he was still texting the hussy on a regular basis. SOOOO LAME!

Jaydiohead ~ A cool mix of Jay-Z and Radiohead. Believe it.

And speaking of Jay-Z...

Kayne West & Jay-z ft. Frank Ocean ~ No Church In The Wild - This song has such a wicked beat.

Mark Ronson ~ Amy - Mark Ronson is the bees knees. He worked with Amy Winehouse on her music and they became super close friends. Is this a song for her??? No idea. Wicked tune though.

Fiona Apple ~ Paper Bag - Whatever happened to Fiona Apple? Seriously??? Well she's released a few albums since her glory days in the late 90's and rumour had it that she was supposed to release a new album she worked on with Michelle Branch this past spring Still... Nada. What gives?

Lil Wayne ~ How To Love - Soooooo gooOOOooood!

Erykah Badu ~ Bag Lady - A song about ladies carrying around all that useless emotional baggage.
Pack light.

My sister is a photographer (here's her site, if you're interested!) and this song inspired this pic for one of her projects.  Thank GAD for photoshop!