Star Trek 2 Release Date!

by Carmen Cruz

Yup. I'm a major Star Trek fan, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I'm talking about the ORIGINAL Star Trek with Captain Kirk and Spock (not so much into the newer generations).

Whoa. Really nerded out there for a second huh?!?!

So it's been confirmed that the OFFICIAL release date for Star Trek 2 is May 13, 2013. Kind of far away from now, but meh. I'm just pumped that another one is coming out. LOOOOOOOOVED the first one!

 The main cast are all expected to return for the sequel, including Chris Pine as Captain Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock (hopefully Anton Yelchin, the guy who played Chekov, will be back as well. He was my absolute favourite! Loved his accent). 

So, as they say, live long and prosper (*insert trekky hand sign here**). 

 FYI: The Urban Dictionary defines a Trekky as : " A small greasy fellow with flaky skin who watches so much Star Trek that he can fluently speak Klingon. Showers infrequently. Dresses up as Captain Kirk and tries to get autographs from washed up 70's sci-fi actors, who have no other means with which to pay their bills but to show up at conventions."

Haaa haaa... wait a minute...