What's the DEAL?????

by Carmen Cruz

I'll admit it. I'm kinda hooked on the iPhone game called 'Words With Friends.' It's exactly like   Scrabble and you can find your friends (through their username) and challenge them to a game, OR you can just play a perfect stranger (the game finds a random opponent for you). I've ended up playing people from New York, to London, to Hawaii and everywhere in between.
So this is my question: What's the deal with all the WEIRDOS playing this game??? You see, you have the option of chatting or making comments to the people you play. I usually make comments of something along the lines of 'Nice move!' or, 'Wow. Didn't see that coming.'... you know, stuff like that. Other players will comment in the same manner, but once in a while, you get an extreme weirdo. I've had everything from 'I bet you're hot. What do you look like and what are you wearing' (to which I responded, 'T-shirt with yellow armpit stains and MC Hammer pants. Oh! And I'm also waxing my 'stache right now.') to, 'Hurry up and make a move you whore.'
Yeah. People can get weird or bitter, but THIS ONE really takes the cake! This is an actual picture (of my phone) of a conversation that took place through the game 'Words With Friends'. My opponent's comments are in green and mine are white (I smudged out my username... for privacy reasons. Just keepin' it real ;). The whole conversation is both pathetic and yet hilarious all at once. See???

Note the user name of the person I played. If you're out there, you've got some serious issues. Oh! And you sincerely SUCK at this game. Invest in a dictionary. I believe there's an app for that. Tee hee! ;D

Just thought I'd share.