You know you have some serious camel toe when....

by Carmen Cruz

You know you have some SERIOUS camel toe when you have to invest in this;

Ladies & Gentlemen, step right up and check out the latest must have. It's the 'Camel Toe Cup' from a company called Smooth Groove!!!

Like a sports cup for dudes, the ladies stuff this polymer cup down the front of their too tight pants/ leggings to avoid that unsightly 'moose knuckle' look.  According to sources: "There are three different colors to choose from (black, white, and clear), and it comes in a "discreet" satin pouch. It's washable, thank god, and they say it's "extremely comfortable.""

Here's a revolutionary thought... why not wear looser fitting pants??? Or perhaps longer t-shirts???
I'm thinking that idea just earned me a gold star sticker. ;D