Songs of the Week : SPANISH EDITION!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Oh how I looooove Spanish music!!! If you love it as much as I do, like it, or are just plain curious about it, please feel free to check out the songs of the week. Explore, enjoy, and above all, SHAKE THAT BOOTY!!!!

Shakira & Alejandro Sanz  ~ La Tortura. - A song about temptation and lusting after someone. (FYI: I've always believed that Shakira is meant to be heard in Spanish. Her tunes are so amazing. In English, she's kinda cheezy).

Julieta Venegas ~ Me Voy. - A song that says farewell to a relationship, whether it was your fault or not. Great tune!!!

Gloria Estefan ~ Mi Tierra. - Another artist who I find sooooo much more amazing to listen to in Spanish. Am I biased? Yes. Absolutely. This song talks about Gloria missing her homeland of Cuba. It's actually a really emotional and beautiful song... that you wanna salsa to ;D

Los Fabulosos Cadillacs ~ Strawberry Fields Forever. - Yup, it's a cover of the über famous Beetles tune. Before you click play, make sure you keep in mind that 1) this is a ska version of the song 2) it's half in Spanish  3) it's completely not what you expect. You're going to either love this or hate it. Me? I'm personally a HUGE fan!

Joe Vasconcellos ~ Las Seis - A fellow Chileno!!! Seriously, I go nuts when I hear his music. It's so Chilean. It's hard to explain it, but it makes me incredibly happy :). Note how the audience reacts. This should explain why I'm usually jumping around and dancing at most concerts... usually by myself. Fail.