It's all about U2 ~ Songs of the week!!!

by Carmen Cruz

U2 is one of my favourite bands of all time. Yeah, their music has evolved (as it should! Who wants to listen to the same stuff over and over again???) and some people are keen on criticizing the band and everything they stand for. I'll always love these guys but hey! To each his/her own.

Here are a few of their lesser known tunes that (for me) have stood the test of time:

Miss Sarajevo featuring Luciano Pavarotti

Party Girl (Live from Red Rocks) ~ This is one of the very first songs I'd ever heard from these guys. I remember going to the library with my sister and borrowing the 'Under a Blood Red Sky' album (actually, it was the record). I instantly loved them.

Stay ( Far Away, So Close) ~ From the moment I saw this video (as a young and impressionable teen) I decided that one of my bucket list goals was to be in a U2 video. It's a dream a still hang on to, to this very day. Hey, a gal can dream can't she???

U2 - Stay (Far Away, So Close) by djoik

Lady With The Spinning Head

Slow Dancing ~ A B-side tune.

Staring at the Sun (Live)

In A Little While

There are SOOOOO many more, but I'll stop here... for now ;D