~ Music News ~

by Carmen Cruz

**Music News**

Neil Young (aka: Jimmy Fallon) and Bruce Springsteen covering LMFAO's 'Sexy And I Know It'. Priceless!!!

Mumford & Sons will be on their best behaviour tonight. They were formally invited (by the UK Prime Minister himself!) to perform for him, President Barack Obama and almost 1000 guests at a state dinner at the White House tonight. CoooOOOOoooolll! So who did Obama invite to perform? The one-and-only John Legend. Fantastic choice. Can you imagine getting to hear THIS live?!?!?

Jack White wants you to hear the second single off his new solo album. The album (called 'Blunderbuss') comes out April 23rd.

The 2nd single is called 'Sixteen Saltines.' Here ya go.

And now for something dark, twisted and different...

There's a wicked electro duo from France called 'The Shoes.' They've just released a brand new EP called 'Time To Dance.' The music video for their single (also called 'Time To Dance') features the sexy Jake Gyllenhaal. **Love**
But here's the thing.
This music video is pretty twisted. You'll see Jake slaughtering dancing hipsters, all to this wicked beat. It's kinda creepy how well Jake manages to channel his inner 'Travis Bickle'.
Prepare to be very disturbed... while enjoying a cool tune at the same time!