Wanna help save the planet?

by Carmen Cruz

Tomorrow (Saturday) it's all about a little something called 'Earth Hour'. So what's the deal? The World Wildlife Federation (WWF) came up with a brilliant idea to help unite people in an effort to protect our little planet. All you have to do is turn out the lights TOMORROW NIGHT from 8:30PM - 9:30PM. It's all about energy conservation baby!!! So what  are you supposed to do in that hour? How about a romantic, candle lit dinner for 2?  Or enjoy a glass of vino with close friends! Or maybe you could go for an evening stroll and  literally watch all the lights being turned out throughout the city (it'll be the perfect time for star gazing)... OR... I'm sure you can come up with OTHER things you can do with the lights out **ahem** **wink, wink**. Wanna find out more info about Earth Hour? Here's a little video for ya....

 There's tons more for you to check out at the Earth Hour website. You'll find messages from celebrities, politicians and yes, even cartoon charachters. You'll have a chance to see how people across the globe are doing their part to save the world!!!! Kinda... ;D