Songs of The Week!!!

by Carmen Cruz

Man, my life has been Ka-Ray-Zee busy!!!... But no matter what I'm doing, I usually have at least one earbud in my ear, listening to tunes.

Here's what I'm into this week.

Lana Del Rey ~ Radio

Zero 7 ~ Swing - This is off their album called 'Yeah Ghost'. Freaking Brilliant!!!

Mase ft. Total ~ What You Want - This takes me back to when I used to sneak into a club called 'Kaos' with my friends back in Edmonton (yes, it was in West Edmonton Mall). I used to think going to this club was the coolest thing on the planet. I look back at it now and laugh, but hey! I have lot's of wicked memories there.
Thank GAD my friends are good at keeping secrets ;)

Joss Stone ~ Fell In Love With A Boy - A fantastic cover of the White Stripes' 'Fell In Love With A Girl'.

And speaking of the White Stripes...

The White Stripes ~ The Hardest Button To Button - Wicked video. Whenever I see it, I start to wonder how many drum kits and amps they had to buy/borrow/rent for this vid. Seriously.