I Loves Me My Shoes : Vancouver Edition

by Carmen Cruz

I've never been one to follow trends.
Harem pants? No thanks. Neon clothing? Uh-uh. Weaving feathers into your hair? Nah. I'll pass.
There's one growing trend that I have to say is genuinely Vancouver, and I'm loving it! I have 2 words for you:

Native Shoes

Think of crocs - light weight and really comfortable, but kind of ghastly to look at, right?
Now, take away the ugliness and make them hip, colourful and even more light weight.
Ladies and gentlemen, you've now got yourself a pair of native shoes. They're cool, they're comfy, and they're designed right here in Vancouver. How awesome is that?

I own 3 pairs at the moment (Yup. I said 3) and I'm already planning on picking up yet another pair in a whole new style and colour. Are they addictive? Yes.


 My Purple Jeffersons 
                                                                                                               My Loulou Pink Jericho's

                                                    My newest addition: Confetti Purple Jefferson

They're kind of a big deal. People KNOW them. See below...

(Is it just me or did the host say Tommy Hill-Finger???)

Nowadays, I tend to see more and more Vancouverites sporting these über cool shoes. So to all the people who laughed at me when I bought my very first pair almost 2 years ago, and NOW own a pair of their own, all I have to say is... nice shoes. ;D