Songs Of The Week!

by Carmen Cruz

Here's what I'm into.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor ~ Murder On The Dance Floor - Even though this song came out back in 2001, it still makes me wanna shake it, every single time I hear it.

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor by MovieFanQS

The Strokes ~ You Only Live Once - These dudes love to smoke ciggies. They love it so much, they made a video about it. This music vid features the band playing in an enclosed space as tobacco tar fills the room (implying that the room is their lungs). Julian Casablancas commented on the video saying, "People tell us all the time we're gonna die from smoking, but you only live once."

We Are The City ~ Happy New Year - 3 sweet guys from Kelowna. Very young and super talented :)

Ice Cube ~ Today Was A Good Day - Ice Cube's most sucessful and well known tune. This tune is ideal for walking down the street in slow-motion. Heck yeah. 

The XX ~ Crystalised- These guys/gals are brilliant! Is it just me, or do they look really young?