Weekend Shenangians

by Carmen Cruz

One thing that I adore about Vancouver is that there's no such thing as a boring weekend. There's always something to do, see or experience.

2 weekends ago, I paid my very first visit to the Railway Club. Can you believe it? I've lived in Vancouver for almost 5 years, and I'd never been to the Railway before. Weird. So the night of my visit was the same day that Adam Yauch (MCA ~ Beastie Boys) passed away from cancer. Fittingly, I  was going to a cancer fundraiser that night. The musical lineup featured some amazing local talent (not enough people are talking about the ska scene here in Van) and everyone ended up paying tribute to the Beastie's, in one way or another. Check out a small sample of local band Reggae On The Rocks' cover of 'You've Gotta Fight For You Right To Party'.

Cool, no?

Turns out the evening raised a good amount of cash for the cause.