Vancouver International Jazz Festival

by Carmen Cruz

If you haven't had a chance to check out this years Vancouver Jazz Fest, you still have a few days left! There are quite a few different venues scattered around Vancouver where you can check out some amazing (and free!) live jazz. If you're willing to part with a few bucks, here are some acts you should definitely check out:

Get The Blessing ~ A Jazz/Rock band from England. Honestly? They're a truly BRILLIANT band! They're playing The Venue tonight. Tickets are $20+sc (and worth every penny). They hit the stage at 9pm.

Janelle Monaé ~ I consider her a female version of Outkast. She's AMAZING!!! She's playing THIS Friday at the Centre for Performing Arts. Tickets are about $47+sc and last time I checked, there were still a few left.

Jill Barber ~ She'll be putting on 2 shows at Granville Island - Performance Works. The earlier show is sold out, but you can still get tickets for the 10PM show. They'll set you back about $27.50 plus service charge.

Sunday is the last day for this years Jazzfest, but it's also Canada day soooo.... go nuts!

On a side note, one of my favourite people in the world took me to check out a band I'd never heard of, and promised me that  I'd love it and 'go nuts'. Turns out these guys were one of the headliners of this years Jazzfest. They're a group called the Balkan Beat Box and they're a fusion of Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, reggae and dance music. I don't think I've ever danced so much (at a show) in a loooong time. I think everyone in the Vogue theater left happy, covered in sweat and a few pounds lighter.
Wait a minute.... ;D
So I thought I'd share.

**Side note: To the bald guy dancing in front of the stage, you made my night. You were AWESOME!!!**