Shopping Event On Main Street ~ 'Converge'

by Carmen Cruz

There are so many amazing little shops on Main street. So many, in fact, that sometimes we tend to walk past a little gem, waiting to be discovered, without even realizing it.

For one night only, the peeps on Main street have decided to hold a shopping extravaganza. This is your chance to:
a) Discover new and amazing little shops that you might have never noticed before.
b) Save some cash on that thing you've been eyeing for the past month. You know... that thing... in that store....
c) **National Geographic Narrator Voice** See the Hipster in it's natural environment. Grazing on an ironic salad, drinking ironic coffee and celebrating all things ironic - all of this done with an 'I don't give a shit' demeanor. Sweet.

The event is called Converge and it's happening THIS Thursday from 6pm-9pm, with various stores offering anywhere from 10% to 40% off their wares.  Here's a list/map for ya:

Have fun shopping you crazy kids! Oh, and buy something pretty for me, will ya? I'll be in Edmonton on Thursday, so I'll be missing out on all the fun.




p.s:I found this site explaining step-by-step (ooohh baby!) how to be a 'fashionable and self aware hipster'. No joke.