"Shame Music"

by Carmen Cruz

We've all got them...
You know, those songs that come on the radio /your iPod while you're driving that you LOOOOVE singing to. You really get into it too. Your head starts bobbing, and you throw in the odd dance move (while trying to continue driving normally). You absolutely MUST sing your heart and soul out to this song... but here's the thing - You want absolutely NO ONE to know about this.
It's the song that you LOOOOVE to sing to, but you make sure you roll up your car window (nice and tight!) so no one can hear the song in question. I call that "Shame Music".

I find it funny how we go to such great lengths to hide our "Shame Music". For example, I had a friend admit to me that he hides all his "Shame Music" on his iPod under 'Los Lonely Boys', because he figures that no one will ever look to see what songs he has by this band. Kinda smart, huh? I managed to get out of him a small sample of what HE has hidden there (note how I emphasize the word 'HE'). If you're interested, click here and/or here.

I've decided to share some of my "Shame Music" with you. I figure that it'll either take you back to the 'good ol' days' or make you laugh... and both are good, no?

Here goes...

Ace of Base ~ The Sign - I used to think this band was the end all, be all. I still kinda do...

Taylor Swift ~  Mean - Damn you Taylor Swift! Why ya gotta write such catchy tunes? P.s: This song was written about Joe Jonas. Is it sad that I know that? Yes. Yes it is.

Color Me Badd ~ Sexual Capacity - I can feel your judgement. It burns...

Infant Sorrow ~ Furry Walls - From the movie 'Get Him To The Greek'. Awesome/hilarious tune.

ABBA ~ Fernando - I know what you're thinking... ABBA isn't that horrible, right? Try singing along to it, full blast, in your car. Not so cool now, huh?!

My Chemical Romance ~ I'm Not Okay (I Promise) - I love these guys, and I don't care that the lead singer looks like an angry 12 year old girl. There. I said it.

What's that you say? Ace of Base, AGAIN? Yup. I likes me my Ace Of Base..... What?!?!?!

Ace Of Base ~ It's a Beautiful Life

So if you ever see me driving around, passionately singing and throwing the odd fist pump, all with the windows rolled up (on a day when it's 30 degrees plus - and I have no AC), you'll know why...




p.s:  Feel free to share any of your "Shame Music" with me. This is a safe place.... ;D