Social Media Stuff... Huh?

by Carmen Cruz

Stand up.

Do a 360.

Sit down.

In that time, a new site has been created that is hip, trendy, and something you MUST (*sarcastic*) join in order to become more successful, popular, better able share your ideas, etc.
People seem to flock to these sites, joining them at lighting speed and recommending them to all their friends. 

Here are a few sites I'm still trying to figure out.

This site is designed to show your influence on the net. I've joined it, but honestly?  Meh. I don't really see how the site itself would influence your 'net-fluence' (I just made that up. Nerd). The saving grace of the site is the fact that as your Klout number rises, so do your perks. More popularity = freebies, like business cards, links to view TV shows online (before anyone else has a chance to see them), free products, etc. is pretty smart that way.

I joined this one about a month ago (under : thecarmencruz), and I STILL need help with this one. When I think of Pinterest, I think of scrapbooking. Maybe I'm way off base, but I'm just not pumped about it. If you actually look at my Pinterest page, you'll most likely be disappointed. I've put zero effort into it. What makes Pinterest so great?

I'm just starting to get into this one, but I find it's a lot like Yelp (which I'm a big fan of). I like the basic concept of it (see video) but so far, I find that Yelp seems to have a more solid sense of community... plus they tend to have tons of perks, like free parties (free food, free drinks, free swag) for all their Elite members. Cool.

Alright. That's enough 'nerding out' for today...