Rule #1: Talk about pillow fight club

by Carmen Cruz

When most people think of pillow fights, they either think of:
a) Little girls at a sleepover
b) Bigger girls at a sleepover... and suddenly things get erotic.  NOT.

Tomorrow night, the female contenders from the East Van Pillow Fight Club will be meeting up for another round of extreme pillow fighting action at the Astoria.
Think: The way your older/ younger brother would beat you with a pillow. Sure, the pillow is soft, but that softness tends to kinda disappear when that it's coming towards your face at high speed.

Just watching this video is making me bruise (easy bruiser in the houuuuuse!! **pushes up nerd glasses**). Let's safely watch from the sidelines, yes? 

The action starts at 8pm at the Astoria (769 East Hastings), and tickets are $10.