Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks, Hedley ~ Here for one night

by Carmen Cruz

The concert is called 'Voices In The Park' and features the vocal stylings of Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks, Hedley, and Hey Ocean!, just to name a few. PLUS, former president Bill Clinton himself will also make a special guest appearance. CoooOOOOoool!

So what's this all about?
Here's the deal:

Voices In The Park is a concert fundraiser to raise money for the Sarah McLachlan School of Music (SoM). This program provides FREE after-school music education for "underserved and at risk children who face challenging cultural, social and economic circumstances".
Basically, this project helps nurture creative young minds (aged 7 - 17) who otherwise wouldn't have the chance. Through this program, these deserving kids develop a stronger sense of "confidence, motivation, perseverance,self-esteem, self-discipline, teamwork skills, and determination, all tools applicable to lifelong success".  Wanna know a bit more about the program? Check it out for yourself:

Voices In The Park takes place September 15, 2012 (THIS Saturday) at Brockton Fields at Stanley Park. General Admittance tickets cost $85 (no service charge! Take THAT Ticketmaster!!!), and kids under 12 years get in for $10. Last time I checked, there were still just a few tickets available.

Here's the concert line up for ya:

For more info, check out the Voices In The Park website.