Snoop Dogg Themed Art Exhibit in Vancouver ~ For Shizzle

by Carmen Cruz

Is this for rizzle?

 The peeps at The Fall Tattooing and Artist's Gallery  want your help putting together an art show inspired by the Snoop Dizzle himself.

Wanna contribute some artizzle? The gang and The Fall will be accepting your Snoop-inspired artistic submissions (get creative and get crazy!) until November 1st. Check out their facebook page for more info.
If you're more of an art see-er than do-er, you can also just stop by the gallery and check out the show (November 9th) and enjoy sippin' on gin and juice. Wurrrrrrrrrrrd.

Wait a minute.... isn't his name Snoop Lion now? Oh Snoop. You be Ka-Ray-Zee!!!!