The Ridge Theatre + Rocky Horror Picture Show = Get It While You Can

by Carmen Cruz

It's the one time of year where you're expected, nay, ENCOURAGED to sing along, throw toast (at the movie screen) and dress like a tranny - all in honour of the weirdest and awesomest musical ever created.

THIS Wednesday, October 31st, The Ridge Theatre will be hosting it's final showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The show time is 11:59PM and tickets are almost sold out (if they haven't sold out already). If you're interested, get on it ASAP! Tickets cost about $12.75 per person, and $9.75 if you have a student ID.

(** Can you believe they're tearing down The Ridge? It's heartbreaking...**)

This is your LAST chance to watch a classic movie in a classic movie theater.

 Aaaaand to get you in the mood....

Rocky Horror Picture Show - Movie Trailer by Schutzengerl1205