Photo Diary: Arrow, Mexican Food and Mr. Sandwich Head

by Carmen Cruz

A Week In Pictures.

The WB show 'Arrow' is in full production mode and the hours can be super long. Lucky for us, the directors periodically park food trucks on the lot for an all you can eat shin-dig. Nice.

Arturo's Mexico To Go (Food Truck). See? There's Arturo himself!!! :)

Arturo's Mexico To Go was BEYOND amazing! You've gotta try the Tacotino.

The TV show 'Arrow' takes place in Starling City. The new Starling City police cruisers were just delivered to our lot. Looks like these cops roll in style  *insert impressed whistle sound here*.

Mr. Sandwich Head (or so I like to call him) was hanging out in Yaletown over the weekend for the 'Candy Town Celebration'.  The streets were filled with vendors hocking the same crap, food carts with overpriced carnival-style treats, and there were a total of 3 free family activities (with massive lineups, of course!). Overall, it was meh.
Either way, Mr. Sandwich Head says 'Haaaaaaaayyyyyy'.
How bad would it suck if the person who wore this headpiece before you had had a massive Caesar salad? *gag*

This is why I don't eat beef jerky. All natural ingredients? Yeah right.