Photo Diary: A Deconstructed Cake?

by Carmen Cruz

This just came across my desk today. Looks weird huh? It's called a 'Deconstructed Red Velvet Cake.'
That's just fancy talk for a cake that has been separated into it's different ingredient layers. The idea is that all the ingredients (both wet and dry) are mixed together once the dessert is ready to be eaten. It's like art, meets chemistry, meets deliciousness.
This beauty comes courtesy of a local dessert company called Beta 5.

The components of this deconstructed cake include: goat's cheescake, beet sponge cake, honey-poached pear, cocoa nib streusel and beet meringues. Yes, beets.

How does it taste? Mind blowing.

Lactose Intolerant? Shmeh! **I'll be paying for this later... big time**

If you can, check out Beta 5. Their selection of chocolates and desserts is off the hizzle.