The Bestest Of Vancouver ~ The Dunbar Theatre

by Carmen Cruz

 Here's what sucks about most movie theatres:                                                   
1) Massive line ups and sold out show after sold out show
2) Usually ending up sitting waaaaaaay too close to the screen
3) Uncomfortable seats. Shifting from one butt cheek to another, with no real sweet spot to be found.
4) Popcorn flavoured styrofoam (I'm looking at you Scotiabank Theatre).

Wanna avoid this?
The Dunbar Theatre = The BESTEST movie theatre in the city.What makes it so awesome?
1) MASSIVE seats with tons of leg room.
2) Reasonable lineups. Chances are, you will actually get into the movie you want to see. Can you believe it? Ka-Ray-Zee!!!
3) Best Popcorn in the city. Hands down.
4) Rumour has it, the theatre is haunted. True Story.

Ken, one of the big wigs from The Dunbar Theatre, chatted with me about the theatres history, giant seats, ghosts and the secret behind their kick ass popcorn.

How old is The Dunbar Theatre?

Ken - The theatre has been around since about 1934. It's actually the first independent theatre to show first run shows in Vancouver

78 Years! Wow! The theatre has had a few facelifts since then, no?

Ken - It's always getting renovated but the major renovations were just over two years ago, new seats (more leg room then any other theatre in the city!), and a new digital and 3D projection system

I've heard from several different sources that the place is haunted. Is that true?

Ken Yes. No question. The manager (Tia) and a colleague (Matt) have both said they've seen moving shadows and have heard things at night when they close up.  We think it's the wife of a former worker. She use to come to the theatre when her then boyfriend worked as an usher every Friday, as I understand it.

What's the weirdest item to ever end up in your lost and found box? 

Ken - We get everything shoes, cell phones, even retainers! Everything is donated to Goodwill after 30 days.

Retainers? I betcha one of those was mine. So Ken, your popcorn is legendary. What makes it so damn good?!?!?!

Ken - We use only the BEST products including coconut oil and REAL butter. It tastes like butter because it IS butter.  Our popcorn is so good it comes with a health warning.


Good News! The ticket prices at The Dunbar Theatre are still less than the big box theatres (Adult: $10.75 / Child: $8.00 / Senior: $8.00 and just a heads up for ya'll the concession stand is CASH ONLY.