Please Stop Saying This...

by Carmen Cruz

What's with people saying 'meow'?!?!?!     
Honestly, there's nothing creepier than a grown man saying 'meow'.

Let me paint a scenario for you.
This is an actual conversation (via text).

Me: Hey 'R'. Whatcha up to? 
R: Just having a few drinks with a friend. What are you doing?
Me: 'V' and I are thinking of going out to the pub. If you're bored, feel free to come join us. 
R: Sounds like fun! Meow.
**Internal Dialogue: Meow?....That's gotta be a typo. **
Me: Cool. 'V' and I will be heading out in about 45. 
R: Great! I'll see you there! Meow.
**Internal Dialogue: Weird. There it is again. What is he trying to say?**
Me: Ummmm... I'm kind of confused. What's with the 'meow'? Is that a spell check error or.....???
R: Oh. No. Sorry! I've had a few too many drinks. ;)
Me: Oh! Ha. I was all creeped out for a minute there! Anywho, we'll meet you inside the pub. We're going with a big group of people, so we'll keep an eye out for ya.
J: That sounds really good. Can't wait to see you! Meow.
Me: Ummmm... Yeah. See you soon!
 **Internal Dialogue: Ew.**

Nowadays, teenagers and over-excited radio DJ's seem to be saying it non-stop.
I say we leave the meowing to cats. Or if that's too much of a challenge, all I ask is that at least the grown men out there stop saying it. The creep factor on it is a solid 10 out of 10.
That is all.
**Steps off soap box**