The Biggest Fail This Year (So Far)

by Carmen Cruz

You know you've done it before.
You hear about horrible things happening to people and think to yourself, 'Poor bastard. Thank GAD it's not me.'
Well guess what... I'm officially one of the poor bastards.
A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to CBC's 'The Early Edition', and they were taking about how a branch of government had lost a portable hard drive with a bunch of people's personal information on it.
I remember thinking to myself, 'Wow. That really sucks', and then I pushed it out of my mind (like most of us do, right?).
Then, I got THIS in the mail...

So my personal info is lost.
It's out there somewhere, hopefully sitting in a puddle in an alley in the middle of nowhere, totally unusable. Or better yet, it's in a landfill, sitting under a bunch of dirty diapers and half empty styrofoam takeout boxes.
Here's hoping.

I feel somewhat vulnerable about the whole thing, but I've been reassured over and over again by government department heads that my personal information will be 'carefully monitored at all times for suspicious activities' and that I'll be 'contacted if absolutely anything questionable arises'.
Plus, I pretty much need to carry at least about 5 different pieces of picture ID on me at all times (clearly, I exaggerate).

So I ask myself, how could the government manage to drop the ball so badly?
...And then I laugh at myself for asking such a stupid question.

Either way, if anyone DOES get a hold of my info, I ask him/her just one small favour:
Make that student loan of mine disappear, will ya?