Save On Meats Sign Stolen. Seriously.

by Carmen Cruz

Lot's of controversy lately regarding the 'gentrification of Vancouver's downtown eastside'.


Will stealing business signs, breaking storefront windows and harassing people who walk in and out of restaurants in the Gastown/ Commercial Drive area truly help bring about the change you're hoping for? Or will it just make you look like a jerk?


Last week, Mark Brand from Save On Meats posted the following pic and message on Instagram:

These anarchists stole our sign. Yes I'm serious. They won't stop until the capitalists leave the neighbourhood. I'm serious. They will be embarking on a mission to close save on meats. I'm serious. Japanese peace pose. They're serious. In all seriousness this sign is a real heart felt piece for the people who work with us. It makes them really sad that people would steal it and disrespect their living. Therefore making me upset. Help me find it and spread the word fast. I'm serious.

Save On Meats (SOM) is a genuinely community-minded business in the DTES. At SOM, they try to hire both neighbourhood residents and the disabled. They also have a sandwich token program for those in need, and they donate food and services to various charities in the area.

So, Why Steal The Sign????

We all understand that people want to make a point, but not like this. Let's play nice. 



*****For more info about this issue, here's a great article about it in the Vancouver Sun*****