The :O!!! Moment Of The Month

by Carmen Cruz

If you're a dog owner, you know all about the ritual that comes with walking your pooch. 
When one dog passes another, there's the usual sniffing of the bum/private area that takes place. As we all know, it's a dog's way of saying 'what's up'.
This is the exact moment when the owners awkwardly try to pretend they don't see their beloved canine's nose shoved against another dog's bid-ness.
It was during one such occasion where a male chihuahua-type dog had his nose shoved deep between (my male dog) Malsow's legs.
Upon seeing this, the owner loudly stated to her dog, "Rex, stop acting like a big fat homo!"

;O !!!!

So what was I to do?
I quickly grabbed Maslow and took off.

 Really? People like this still exist?!?!?!