4/20 Friendly Festival ~ TOMORROW!

by Carmen Cruz

Vancouver's 4/20 festival is one of the most notorious and well known festivals in BC. It attracts stoners, pot advocates, cannabis lovers, protesters, tourists and pretty much anyone who's curious about the devils lettuce.

((**While smoking weed is technically NOT legal in Vancouver... well... you know how it goes in this city.**)) 

Tomorrow marks 4/20, and swarms of people will be heading to the front steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery to  partake, watch, or deeply inhale tomorrows activities.

So what's on the agenda?

Everything is supposed to kick off at 4:20pm, but people tend to jump the gun early. You can enjoy music provided by various DJ's, as well as clothing, food, and other hemp related products, so bring a bit of cash (especially for the wicked case of the munchies you'll be experiencing later on).

Not into the 'Mary Jane'? That's ok.
Feel free to watch the laughter, dancing, and general merriment through the thick cloud of smoke from across the street. Chances are, you'll be smelling the 'festivities' for at least 2 blocks.
Want more info about it? Go HERE, or HERE.  

Yeah maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn...