Things To Do This Weekend

by Carmen Cruz

The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival is already in full swing (no pun intended). From May 2nd - May 4rth, you can enjoy performances from some of the most talented burlesque dancers around. These saucy ladies take the art of the striptease to a whole new level!

Vancouver Int'l Burlesque Festival Reel 2011 from VIBF Videos on Vimeo.

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If you're looking for something a little less risqué, how about a trip to Playland? Vancouver's favourite amusement park opens tomorrow (Saturday, May 4rth), and this year, the Playland peeps have added a few new rides like 'The Teacups' and the 'Balloon Explorers'. So pack up the kids/call your friends and get ready to... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!

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