New Music : Basement Jaxx, Nine Inch Nails, Panic! At The Disco, Lady Gaga

by Carmen Cruz

If all this music proves anything, it's that the 90's are back... big time!      

Basement Jaxx ~ Mermaid Of Salinas - This track is off their upcoming five-track EP 'What A Difference Your Love Makes', which will be released on September 30. This song = Fun!

Nine Inch Nails ~ Copy Of A - Doesn't this remind you of THIS song that NIN wrote for the 1997 movie 'Lost Highway'??? So freaking awesome! This tune is off their new upcoming album called 'Hesitation Marks', which is set for release on September 3. So who's all going to the NIN concert???

Lady Gaga ~ Applause - Rumour has it this was leaked a week in advance of its original release date.
It's hard to know if this is true or an attempt at drumming up some publicity. Either way, a cool tune. Her new album called 'ARTPOP' is due out on November 11.

Panic! At The Disco ~ This Is Gospel - Their new album called 'Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!', comes out on October 8.  Is it just me, or does the lead singer kinda sound like the singer from Fall Out Boy in this tune? Proof here...