Riding For The Love Of Music: Music Therapy Ride

by Carmen Cruz

It's just you and the open road...and hundreds of  fellow motorcycle aficionados, plus your own presidential VPD escort all the way from Vancouver to Whistler! And don't forget special guest Dan Mangan joining in on the ride!

The Music Therapy Ride is an annual motorcycle charity ride designed to raise funds for community-based music therapy services in BC.
Now celebrating its 12th Anniversary, MTR has raised over $560,000. The money has helped fund unique and amazing music therapy programs, such as a mobile recording studio for BC Children’s Hospital.

Music can be uplifting, inspiring and healing, and The Music Therapy Ride & Music Heals proves just what a difference it can make in a person's life. 

THIS Saturday, September 14th, kick off the day with a 9AM breakfast at the River Rock starting point, ride with a VPD escort & Dan Mangan, and end with a BBQ lunch, live auction and live music  in Whistler Village.

So if you're like me, and you:
A) Don't own a sweet, sweet motorcycle
B) Are 100% confident that taping a playing card to the spokes of your pedal bike to make the 'motorcycle sound' just ain't gonna cut it, you can still do your part to help the cause.

Are you ready? GO HERE.