Dunbar Haunted House (One Last Time)

by Carmen Cruz

It's become an annual tradition and the perfect way to get into the Halloween Spirit.  

Since 2004, the Dunbar Haunted House has been scaring people young and old, all while raising money for local charities.
What's that you say? You've never heard of the Dunbar Haunted House? Well feel free to check out this video:

The Dunbar Haunted House Trailer from Dunbar Haunted House on Vimeo.

So as it turns out, the hard working folks who put together the Dunbar Haunted House are hanging up their rubber masks, ghoulish wigs and blood stained...everything. This is the last year you'll have the chance to experience the overall fear and awesomeness that the Dunbar has to offer. ((sad))

This year's theme is "The Terror Of History".
General admission is $10, while brave kiddies under the age of 12 get in for $5 (CASH ONLY!!!!). Don't forget that 100% of the proceeds go to charity!
Oh! And the folks at the Dunbar Haunted House even have live music playing for the people waiting outside the venue. Cool, huh?!?!

Address? Hours? You need more info, yes?  Check out their very detailed website.
They're also on twitter.
It's time for one last scare....
See you there!