Songs Of The Week: Local Natives, Mazzy Star, The Neighbourhood, ML (Micky Lightfoot), Jagwar Ma

by Carmen Cruz

Possibly giving you an eargasm....

Local Natives ~ Ceilings  - My obsession with this this band never ends. When you listen to this song, close your eyes and ignore the cheesy video. The tune itself is so awesome...

Jagwar Ma ~ Come Save Me - These Aussies sure know how to make music that reminds us of the summer. Dang it.

The Neighbourhood ~ Sweater Weather - Ok ok... so I've posted this song already, but hey! It's actually sweater weather now! And there's nothing hotter than slipping into your man's sweater... ladies am I right or what? ;)

ML (Micky Lightfoot )~ L.O.S.T - If K-os, Tricky and Busta Rhymes had a baby (just humour me here), the outcome would be ML. It's weird and rhythmic and fantastic. Just enjoy the ride.

 Mazzy Star ~ Fade Into You - A classic. Breaks my heart every time I hear it. If it doesn't tear at your heartstrings, you're officially made of stone. Sorry...