#StarbucksDrakeHands = #Fail

by Carmen Cruz

Found this on Buzzfeed and couldn't help but share.     

"A guy went up to a girl at Starbucks in LA and started hitting on her. She reluctantly gave him her number. Later that day she received this video."

While the girl who actually received this video didn't post it online, the friend she passed it along to did.
Is sending a 'selfie video' to a stranger the worst idea ever? Yes.
Is posting the video of a complete stranger a douche manouver? Absolutely.
And yet, it's like a car accident. We just can't look away....

Either way, this video has spawned a whole schwack of spoofs where people are tagging their videos with #StarbucksDrakeHands. Click here to watch the magic/horror unfold...

Poor Bastard...