Coming To An Upper Lip Near You...

by Carmen Cruz

It's that time of year again.
It's a time when men look more and more douchey by the day, and we ladies have to be both accepting and supportive. Ugh.

Yup. You know what I'm talking about... Movember.

It's all about growing that moustache and raising funds (and awareness!) for prostate cancer.

I had a chance to chat with Peter from the Vancouver Movember chapter, and here's what he had to say:

CC: Anything new and different with the Movember peeps this year?

PETER: This year like last we're happy to be supporting prostate cancer Canada, as well as a variety of men's mental health initiatives across Canada.

CC: What are some moustache etiquette tips?

PETER: Aside from starting clean shaven on Movember 1st, men are able to grow any moustaches they like. The only real rules we have is you can't connect your Mo to the sideburns (that's a beard) and you can't connect it on your chin (that's a goatee). Other than that, wash it, talk to it and love it like a child. 

CC: What can us ladies (AKA: The 'Mo Sistas') do to help out? 

 PETER: Mo Sistas can register at, raise funds and be there with the men in their lives to support them through their moustache growth. On top of that they can encourage their fathers, brothers and any other men to get a regular check up at the doctor and live a healthy life.

 CC: Any cool events happening with the Vancouver Movember chapter? 

PETER: There are a TON of events happening in Vancouver. These include the Pre Season Tight & Bright Ski Party, the Moustache Miler in Stanley Park, and the Vancouver Gala Parté at the Commodore Ballroom.  I highly recommend coming to our Gala on Movember 28th. That's an event you don't want to miss!!!

CC: How are you helping to keep your Movember Bro's (and Sistas) connected and informed? 

PETER: We encourage all Mo Bros and Sistas to follow us on twiter @MovemberCA for national Movember news and @MovemberVan locally. Be sure to check into regularly because we're constantly updating with new events and info. 

Alright boys, let's get this thing started. Bring on the ol' soup strainers...



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