Songs Of The Week: Metric, Flume & Chet Faker, Dear Rouge, Arctic Monkeys, Selah Sue

by Carmen Cruz

Musical Awesomeness... Because You're Worth It (please don't sue me L'Oréal).

Selah Sue ~ I Truly Loved Ya (MOWE Bootleg) - A phenomenal remix of a phenomenal tune.

Metric ~ Synthetica. Cool tune, but did you know that this Canadian band has their very own app (free!) where you can create your own remixes of their newest album?!?! Yup, it's true! Find it here.

Flume & Chet Faker ~ Drop The Game - :O!!! :)!!!

Arctic Monkeys ~ Arabella - Arguably one of the coolest tunes off the bands new album. This video is NSFW. Boobies. Artistic, but naughty.

Dear Rouge ~ I Heard I Had - A wicked Vancouver-based band. So good.